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Vidyut Jammwal’s exposé: Ram Gopal Varma calls Tiger Shroff a woman, transgender

Two days after he stated that Tiger will take down Jammwal with a single punch, an inebriated Varma bashes Shroff in his telephonic conversation with the Commando actor.

Mayur Lookhar

Ram Gopal Varma's antics have backfired badly. The director was keen on having a Tiger Shroff v/s Vidyut Jammwal battle some days back, but has now landed with a egg on his face.

Jammwal exposed Varma's hypocrisy as he posted on Twitter an audio conversation with the filmmaker.

Listen to conversation below

Varma sounds like he is inebriated. "First of all, Tiger Shroff, I think he is a woman. I think he is a trans gender," Varma is heard saying in the barely audible clip. "The ball is in Tiger Shroff’s court. You (Jammwal) are the biggest, greatest man I ever saw in my life. Tiger Shroff is a creative woman," he goes on to add.

When Jammwal asks Varma why he was dragging the Commando actor into the matter, Varma said, "I’d pose a challenge for Tiger Shroff (sic)".

Varma's tweets apologising to Tiger and Jammwal confirm that it was indeed the Sarkar 3 filmmaker on the other line.

The apologies weren’t reserved for the two young actors, but Varma also apologised to Pawan Kalyan fans and Lord Ganesha devotees.  

Varma then involved Amitabh Bachchan in one of his tweets, 

Varma didn’t stop there as he further apologised to Jammwal and the late action hero Bruce Lee.

The filmmaker has vowed to not repeat such conduct again. 

Varma's profuse apologies is unlikely to pacify Tiger's father Jackie Shroff, who will be seen in Varma's Sarkar 3.

Let's wait and watch how long Varma's supposed "changeover" lasts.