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Salman Khan to act in first biopic on male striptease artist

The actor revealed that his forthcoming movie is based on a man who formed a male stripper group. 

Keyur Seta

Looking at the last three films of Salman Khan, one realises that he is moving away from the typical hero-centric masala films and going for interesting scripts, despite the fact that he is the most commercial star currently. Even his forthcoming flick, Tubelight is touted to be a sensible love story by Kabir Khan. 

A latest piece of news makes it more evident that the Sultan is lending his star power to sensible mainstream films. In a latest interview, Salman has revealed that his next would be a biopic on Somen Banerjee. He was a man who migrated to the US from India in the 1960s and formed a dance troupe called, Chippendales, which was mostly known for its male striptease performances. 

Speaking about the film, Salman elaborated, “A Bengali man who moved from India to America in the late 60s, struggled and created one of America’s most iconic brands. We are going to tell the story of Somen Banerjee, a man driven by fierce ambition on celluloid.” Salman also revealed that, along with a film, he is also planning to make it as a mini series as well. 

Given that Salman always targets family audiences, including kids, it will be interesting to see how he handles the part of male strippers. The film will be the Dabangg actor’s first biopic.