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Taapsee Pannu's new 'Baby' is Meera 

Her character from Akshay Kumar's hit film, Baby, is now set to be launched in a standalone film.

Shriram Iyengar

Akshay Kumar's Baby (2015) was an impressive piece of cinema. It was also a new platform for actress Taapsee Pannu. The actress was able to break her stereotype in the Hindi film industry, surprising one and all with her performance as a tough Intelligence officer. Emerging reports prove that the impression of her performance has truly gone far. 

News reports suggest that the character of Meera in the film is set to be launched in a standalone film, with Pannu slated to play the role. This marks the beginning of a purple patch for the actress who is receiving rave reviews for her latest, Pink, which is set to release on 16 September.

Speaking about the development, Pannu said, "I am really excited about Meera. A lot of people felt my character in Baby had potential for development." However, the actress refrained from any implications that the spin-off would be a prequel or a sequel to the hit, Baby. She said, "While my character is going to be taken from Baby, Meera is neither a prequel nor a sequel to Baby, as reported. It’s part of the Baby franchise. But it’s going to be an independent film, though the character is derivative." 

Meera will be directed by Shivam Nair, who is best known for directing Abhay Deol's debut, Ahista Ahista (2006).