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From bikes to cars, John Abraham is taking 'lifts' to a different level

In the latest action packed trailer for Force 2, the actor is seen lifting a car.

Shriram Iyengar

Actor John Abraham takes lifting weights seriously. For the action packed sequel to Nishikant Kamat's Force, the actor lifted a bike clean over his head in one of the most memorable action sequences of the film. This time, he has gone on to something heavier — a car. 

Directed by Abhinay Deo, Force 2 looks to be a progression into the counter intelligence tale from the first film. Sonakshi Sinha and John Abraham play Indian officers hunting down a villain hell bent on destroying India's RAW Intelligence Agency. Filled with some breathtaking sequences, the two actors pack quite a punch with their realistic action sequences. Sonakshi Sinha, fresh from her action debut in Akira, packs a punch to match her lead co-star. 

One particular scene, right at the end of the trailer, has the actor lifting up a getaway car. Reports suggest that the car in the scene weighed 1,580 kg. No wonder the goon in the car is surprised.

Vipul Shah, the producer of the film, had said in a previous interview, "He began prepping up by working out in the gym for six-seven hours every day and keeping a close watch on his diet four-five months before we began shooting. However, it was tricky as he hadn’t been able to go to the gym after the accident and so he had to start gaining weight from scratch. He has done a commendable job." 

What's next we wonder? He has already lifted a bike. Maybe a truck? Knowing the actor's dedication to fitness, it would be no surprise if the actor actually manages that. With Abraham around, you can always be sure of 'levelling up' when it comes to weights. 

Force 2 is set to release on 18 November 2016.