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5 ways in which Priyanka Chopra impressed us in Quantico season 2 premiere

While nobody can predict if season 2 will be as successful as season 1, one thing is for sure: the drama's lead continues to be its best human asset.

Suparna Thombare

Quantico season 2 premiered in the US and India this week, and has received mostly positive response from audiences. Though the two-timeline format of the show is as tedious as it was in season 1, the overall plot seems to be more taut and the narrative is tighter and gripping. The twists are still there and a shocking death at the end of episode 1 ensures you stay hooked. While we have moved from the FBI’s training facility in Quantico to the CIA’s farm, it is heartening to know that Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) is still secretly working for the FBI!

The show rests on the able shoulders of Chopra and the actress proves in the very first episode why she is the best choice for this role. Here are five ways in which Chopra impressed us in the first episode of Quantico.

The action
Alex Parrish is only gaining in strength as time goes by. While Chopra was a hero in the last season, saving the day by finding the terrorist (Liam) and killing him, she is a superhero in this one! Fighting in heels, jumping off planes and kicking the bad guy’s butt, she looks convincing and hot doing these action sequences. With so much cool action in the very first episode, we are looking forward to the rest of the season as Alex has to now more or less single-handedly fight the hostage crisis.

Romance with Ryan
Yes, her on-off relationship with Ryan gets too much for us at times, but there is no denying that there is some serious chemistry there. It will be interesting to see what went on between Ryan getting an engagement ring for Alex in the CIA timeline to Alex giving it back to him in the hostage crisis timeline. After all they had to compete with each other at the CIA training facility and combat lies and deceit while doing so.

Priyanka Chopra seems to have got a very interesting character graph to play with. Alex is out of her element at the CIA training facility. She needs to learn lying and deceit unlike at Quantico where she could channel the hero inside her. Chopra had some amazing acting moments in season 1, scenes where she really left a mark. The potential for that is seen in the scene in this episode when her triumph at saving the life of a fellow recruit turns into disappointment and self-doubt in a moment. How she goes from the bottom of the rank to saving the world yet again, while also dealing with emotional turmoil, is something to devour. 

Hot and happening
There is no doubt that Priyanka Chopra looks great on the show and she is as uninhibited as it can get. Surely Quantico is her boldest outing so far. In the last season, she donned a bikini, sported a towel and training bras, and even did a shower make-out scene. In the very first episode of season 2, we got to see Chopra show off her toned body in a bra. We are sure to see more of that in the CIA training portions. Also, it is only a matter of time before Alex hooks up with either Ryan or a new love interest. Stay tuned for the hot and happening Priyanka Chopra in coming weeks.

Fans of the show, there’s more good news! Alex’s hair remains as magical and beautiful as it was in the first season. Here’s to another season of drooling over PC’s hair!