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Director of Sunny Leone documentary ‘confused’ by her self-consciousness

Sunny Leone skipped the premier of the film at the Toronto International Film Festival. 

Keyur Seta

The documentary on Sunny Leone’s life has been in the news since the start of the year. Titled Mostly Sunny Partly Cloudy, the film claims to narrate the life story of the porn-star-turned-actress. It was recently premièred at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). However, the actress cancelled her plans of attending the event citing the reason of a family function at New York. 

But the director of the documentary, Dilip Mehta, has claimed that Sunny skipped the premier after he refused to oblige her request of removing few scenes, as per latest reports. In an interview, Mehta said that removal of those scenes would have affected the truthfulness of the film. He revealed that the scenes in question are the ones with partial frontal nudity. He said that he is ‘confused’ by her self-consciousness because Sunny never objected to any scene during the making. 

Elaborating further, Mehta went onto to say that Sunny’s past has not only made her but is an important factor that is still sustaining her. He was referring to the actress’ past profession of porn star. 

But he claims to have shown her in a positive light by citing an example of a viewer whose opinion about Sunny changed after watching the film. “Over lunch, a prominent Sikh professional told me he had gone into the theatre prejudiced (as Sunny is a Sikh girl who became a porn star), but he emerged from the screening, totally supportive and appreciative of her candour and honesty,” he said.