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Sultan's VFX breakdown video throws new light on Salman Khan's film

The studio has released an impressive video on the many visual special effects used in the biggest Hindi blockbuster of the year so far. 

Shriram Iyengar

It is not easy to make a Rs300 crore film. From its opening day, Salman Khan's Sultan ran riot at the box office owing to its perfect combination of drama, emotions and action.

Ali Abbas Zafar's film, about a washed-out wrestler seeking redemption in the toughest ring, of life, created waves at the box office. Both, Anushka Sharma and Khan received praise for their performances. The director, script and dialogues were received well by the audiences. But one team of the film remained its unsung hero. Until now.

YFX, the visual effects branch of Yash Raj Films, has just released the VFX breakdown of Sultan's important scenes. The impressive video shows the amount of work that has gone in to make the action scenes look as stunning as they did on screen.

Some of the important scenes of the film, including Khan's bloody bouts in the ring and his training sessions on the rooftops, make for an interesting addition. The video shows how the technical team transformed a small arena into a crowded international ring, filled with passionate supporters.

Some other scenes, like the one of Khan pulling a tractor, were also retouched to enhance the effect. The change between the pre-effects and post-effects shots is drastic, and makes for an interesting watch. The transformation of the background seems almost magical.

Sultan remains the biggest Hindi blockbuster of 2016, and was also the only film to complete 50 days in theatres. In a year that has been less than ordinary for Hindi cinema, this is quite an achievement. The film opened to great views from its very first day, leading it on a rapid run towards that elite Rs300 crore mark. With this video, it becomes clear as to why it deserves that number.