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Did Priyanka Chopra and Tom Hiddleston get close at Emmys after-party?

The actress has seemingly sent the Hollywood press into a tizzy after being spotted getting 'flirty' with Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston. 

Shriram Iyengar

It seems Priyanka Chopra has finally hit big time in Hollywood. The press was already gaga over Chopra's appearance at the prestigious Emmys alongside actor Tom Hiddleston, but apparently there is more to the story.

E! News has just reported that the Quantico star was spotted 'flirting' with her co-presenter off stage as well. The report claims eye witnesses saying the two were 'openly flirting with each other'.  At the Emmys after-party, the two were spotted cosying up to each other. Another quote says, "Tom had his arm around her and held her close. Afterwards, Tom and Priyanka talked closely and were holding hands at one point for a few moments."

"Priyanka fixed Tom's bow-tie and then the two kissed on both cheeks," the report added.

According to reports, Chopra gave her phone to Hiddleston who then gave his phone to her. They proceeded to put their phone numbers in each other's phones before embracing in a "long hug" and "several kisses on the cheek". The E! News report added that the couple left about a minute after each other.

While this might just be another one for the rumour mills, there is some thing here to ponder. Hiddleston is one of the most eligible bachelors in the cinematic universe, and is just coming out of another high profile break-up with pop sensation, Taylor Swift. The couple were together for three months, before calling time on the relationship. Apparently, the 35-year-old actor had asked Swift to accompany him to the Emmys, but the pop star was 'uncomfortable' with the idea of going public.

Regardless, the sharp-suited Hiddleston has found some fun company in our own desi girl. The two shared some natural chemistry on stage, and Chopra even managed a stylised twirl as they made their entrance to present the Award for Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series,Movie. Incidentally, Susanne Brier, the director of Hiddleston's The Night Manager, was the winner. It might be too much to read into, but we can hardly grudge these two beautiful people the chance to flirt with each other. 

Chopra is currently shooting for the second season of her television series, Quantico, and her scrutiny by the Hollywood press is only going to intensify after these reports. Looks like our desi girl might have more than one reason to extend her stay overseas. We will keep an eye on that.