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Kangana-Hrithik spat: Actress says no case was filed against her

The Queen actress also snubbed feminists, said there was pressure on her to conjure up a sob story.

Mayur Lookhar

Just when it seemed like the Kangana Ranaut-Hrithik Roshan was about to die down, the Queen actress has issued a surprising statement saying that no legal case was filed against her. 

Without naming Roshan, she stated that no case was filed against her by any individual. It must be recalled that Ranaut had raised a storm after she accused Roshan of allegedly having an online affair with her. Later on, the actress had filed a complaint against the actor for allegedly misusing the confidential emails and photographs they shared. 

Roshan has denied all allegations, claiming that it was perhaps some imposter who was communicating with Ranaut. Roshan's legal team had later demanded an apology from the actress.

“The incident I faced recently is very different from what I faced in the past. This time there were no legal proceedings against me. There was a lot of media drama, threats, lot of slut-shaming, but there was no case filed against me. There was no question of fighting it legally," Ranaut told journalists at a media event in Delhi. 

The personal battle between two actors snowballed into a feminist v/s chauvinist debate with some actors, news anchors backing Ranaut for having the will to battle it out alone against her powerful male contemporaries. Ranaut has now mocked the needless feminist talk.

"There was a sudden feminist pressure on me to fight. And talk about the sob story I had. But I didn’t have that,” said Ranaut, adding that she was in a “consensual equation with an individual”.

“And I was perfectly capable of dealing with the stuff that was coming my way as an adult. But I was pressurised to a point that I started questioning what exactly is feminism.”

The Tanu Weds Manu star sated that she is not one who fights for an individual’s acceptance or beg for his acknowledgement publicly. “If not allowing a man to use the prerogative of ‘no’ and just making it a prerogative of woman is feminism then I am not a feminist. A no means no," she said.

Ranaut’s recent statement perhaps indicates that the actress is keen on calling a truce with Roshan. Only time will tell where the spat will head from hereon.