Revisiting Ranbir-Priyanka’s most heart-warming moments in Barfi!

Anurag Basu’s Barfi!, which released 14 September 2012, had some magical moments between its lead characters, Jhilmil and Barfi.

Suparna Thombare

A tale of how a deaf and mute, carefree Barfi, played by Ranbir Kapoor, and an innocent autistic girl Jhilmil, played by Priyanka Chopra, fall in love with each other, is one of the most unconventional love stories in Hindi cinema. Considered as Kapoor and Chopra's career best performances, Barfi and Jhilmil will go down in history as one of the most adorable onscreen couples.

Barfi! (2012) created some very special moments that arose out of unique circumstances and characters. These scenes brought out the universal feeling of love in the sweetest ways. Here are some of the most heart warming Jhilmil-Barfi moments from the film. 

Jhilmil and Barfi lock fingers
The shadows and trees scare her in the night. Thinking that Barfi is asleep Jhilmil sneakily locks her little finger with his. Sweet, no?

Saawali Si Raat
Awoken by a stranger in Barfi’s house, Jhilmil panics. Barfi tries to pacify her, but she bites his hand. Embarrassed and scared, she hides in a corner. The charming Barfi then tries to make her smile. The teary-eyed Jhilmil slowly gives in. 

Barfi’s test
Barfi loves to test his loved ones by sawing down the street lamp and waiting to see who sticks to him. Well, nobody manages to pass the test, until Jhilmil, who innocently stands by his side without fearing that the lamp will come crashing down on her. Barfi is overwhelmed by Jhilmil's loyalty and trust in him.


The forehead touch
The loyalty test leads to the first intimate moment between Jhilmil and Barfi — the forehead-touch. Even when they reunite at the end of the movie, its the forehead-touch and not a kiss that signifies their love. 

Jhilmil follows Barfi
The first glimpse of Jhilmil’s attachment to Barfi comes when she follows him after he drops her home. And like a puppy, she follows him again, when he leaves her with her nanny. She wants to be with the love of her life!

Jhilmil and Barfi find their Aashiyan
Jhilmil and Barfi create a small world with each other. And it involves rituals like shining the mirror from the window, eating bird shaped flour and fanning each other. There is also the game of hide and seek. Life is beautiful!

Jhilmil tries to ape Shruti
When Jhilmil, Shruti and Barfi hang out together, Jhilmil sees the equation between Barfi and his ex-girlfriend Shruti, who shows off her waist in a sari. Jhilmil is taken over by jealousy in the cutest way possible and wants to look beautiful like Shruti. She tries to drape a sari, but fails miserably.  

Barfi finds Jhilmil
Barfi is desperately looking for Jhilmil, who is presumed to be dead. He throws his shoe at every window (their ritual since childhood), hoping she would see it. She does. The reunion of Jhilmil and Barfi is emotional, but also adorable as Jhilmil tries to protect Barfi from Shruti.