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Pierce Brosnan is shaking Pan Bahar, Twitter gets stirred 

The Bond star took a walk down desi avenue with his recent advertisement for a pan masala brand, and it has left Twitter folks having a lot of fun.

Shriram Iyengar

We all knew that James Bond is licensed to kill, but Pierce Brosnan just shot the internet dead with his new ad for Pan Bahar. The former Bond was the story of the day across the social media for his latest ad for the Indian pan masala brand.

The ad sees Brosnan reprise his Bond avatar, albeit with a hirsute beard, and walk into a villain's den armed only with a little blue container of the pan masala. The hero goes on to beat up goons, seduce a hot girl, and take over the villain's chair with elan. Although there is no questioning Brosnan's acting class and comfort with the scenario (he has played this a dozen times before), his choice of brand does make one shake their head. 

The actor is the second big Hollywood star to play ambassador to an Indian brand. Hugh 'Wolverine' Jackman played brand ambassador to a cellphone brand in recent years. Looks like Brosnan took inspiration from his Aussie counterpart. 

Twitter certainly saw the humour behind the ad. Ever since it released, the advertisement has gone viral across social media platforms. If only Brosnan could read the tweets, he'd certainly die another day.

Well, over to you Jackman.