Rakesh Roshan retorts to Kangana's '43-year-old' baby jibe against Hrithik

Filmmaker says it doesnt matter whether one's child is 43 or 83, a parent will always stand up for their child.

Mayur Lookhar

All along it was a Hrithik Roshan vs Kangana Ranaut in the spat, but Rakesh Roshan has also been dragged into the controversy now. Hrithik's father had defended his son which led to a sharp jibe by Ranaut.

Roshan senior had lauded his son for maintaining his dignity by choosing not to speak out openly on the matter. That remark got Ranaut to question why Hrithik depended on his father to defend him. The Queen actress had cheekily remarked without naming him that Hrithik was a 43-year-old man who could speak for himself.

Rakesh has now hit back at the actress. 

Defending his earlier statement, he said that he plays an active part in Hrithik’s life. He further added that for a parent, it does not matter whether his child is 43 or 83-years-old. "A parent will always look out for his child, no matter what the son’s age,” Rakesh said in a statement.

The war of words is unlikely to end with the feisty Ranaut likely to strike back.  

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