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Alok Nath gets trolled for ‘son’s car’ driving skills

The actor is once again trolled for his sanskari image. 

Keyur Seta

Sometime back, veteran actor Alok Nath was trolled for his sanskari image on screen. Jokes and one-liners featuring his screen image kept trending for months. These Alok Nath jokes have now resurfaced. 

But this time, it’s not for his sanskar but his son’s car. 

Apparently, the actor’s son Shivang was caught for drunk driving last night (Monday). But the incident involved a lot of drama and chase. The youngster was returning from a birthday bash with a couple of friends when the police stopped him for alcohol check. 

However, Shivang didn’t halt and just sped off from the spot. He was finally chased and stopped in Bandra. The cops reportedly found out that he was drunk and also didn't have a driving license. There are also reports that his friends tried to save him by lying that they were driving. This didn’t have any effect on the cops. 

Shivang was booked for drunk driving, driving without a license and disobeying the police. He was brought to the Santacruz Police Station and his car was confiscated. He was later imposed a fine of Rs2,600 and was ordered to be present for the court proceedings. 

The incident was enough for the Twitterati to start trolling Alok Nath for his sanskari image.