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My kids don't listen to me: Amrita Singh rubbishes rumours of 'control'

The actress hit back at reports about trying to delay daughter Sara Ali Khan's debut in Hindi cinema.

Our Correspondent

Mother knows best is an adage that works even in the Hindi film industry. But Amrita Singh has hit back at rumours suggesting that she is controlling Sara Ali Khan's film debut, saying her children have minds of their own. 

Speaking to a national daily, the actress said, "Aajkal mere naam ke bahut bill phaade jaa rahen hain [I am being blamed for no reason]. Let me tell you, today’s kids have a mind of their own, and they know how to use it."

The actress went on to suggest that education was a priority for her children. But she denied suggestions that she was a domineering mother.

She said, "Even if I wanted to tell Sara or my son Ibrahim how to lead their lives — which I don’t — they would not listen to me. Luckily, Sara chose to complete her studies before pursuing acting. She attended Columbia University and then devoted attention to Bollywood. What if she had decided to not go to college? What could I do?"

Both children are reportedly set to make their debuts in Hindi cinema. Sara Ali Khan, in particular, is rumoured to have signed on Mohit Suri's film for her debut. Even Kareena Kapoor Khan was excited about the prospect and was quoted as saying, "We [she and husband Saif Ali Khan] are excited about her; she is such a brave girl. I am confident she is going to be a wonderful actor." 

However, the delay with the debut fuelled speculation that mother Amrita Singh was unwilling to let her children join the industry.

Singh, though, denied the claim. "At this moment, the one certainty about Sara’s career is that she will be an actor," she said. "She decided that at the age of 4. Having said that, let me clearly state she has not signed any film yet. We are waiting for the correct project." 

Well, no one knows what the reality behind the delay is. But we can rest assured that Mama does know best.