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Everything’s about the box-office: Zoya Akhtar

The outspoken director is bothered that audiences only care how much money a film is going to make.

(Photo: Shutterbugs Image)

Sonal Pandya

At a talk with filmmaker Cary Fukunaga at the 18th Mumbai film festival, writer-director Zoya Akhtar spoke out about the audience’s growing fascination with the business of cinema.

Akhtar had very strong views why this outlook is ruining filmmaking. She explained to Fukunaga why she refused to allow him to answer an audience member’s question about the financials of her films.

“There is something super freaky going on here," Akhtar said, "which is when we grew up, we liked films or we didn’t like films. Of course, there were critics and they would cue you. But now, it’s become like everything’s about the box-office. You have the audience, the fans, everyone’s talking about how much money it’s making and it’s sickening. But they don’t care about films anymore.”

She went on to say, “What do you care? You are not making any money from this film! So either you like the film or you don’t like the film.”

Akhtar also told Fukunaga that he must not answer questions like this in the future. Sounds like good advice!