Priyanka Chopra downs tequila and ups her charm on The Ellen DeGeneres Show 

Making an appearance on the celebrated talk show, Chopra laid to rest one misconception about Indians that we do not drink as much. 

Shriram Iyengar

Priyanka Chopra is one show-hopping girl. After beating Jimmy Fallon at chicken wing eating and apple bobbing, she was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show downing tequila. The actress is currently Hollywood's 'most wanted' star, and her presence is growing with every passing week. Chopra certainly laid to rest one misconception about Indians that we do not drink. 

The actress was wheedled into the 'Plinko Drinko' game by DeGeneres, and as fate would have it, was handed a shot of tequila. Chopra had last downed a tequila at the red carpet of her Emmy appearance, and confessed it left her feeling a little 'wonky' (Guillermo had also made her take a shot on the Oscars red carpet earlier). However, the tequila worked wonders for the actress, who charmed the host and the audience after the shot. Chopra also admitted that she preferred 'elegant red wine' as her drink of choice. On DeGeneres' quip that Americans drink a lot, Chopra responded, 'So do Indians'. 

Dressed in a casual, but gorgeous white dress, Chopra also spoke about her role as an FBI operative on her successful television series, Quantico. She said, "I did not know how to announce myself, but it gives you such a sense of power when you break down a door, and go, ‘FBI, FBI!’ in that voice. It’s really like….you feel really powerful. I enjoy that part the most, in “Quantified.” The actress, however, admitted that she did not know much about the FBI, except for what she learnt by watching shows like Homeland on television.

Chopra also spoke on a number of topics including her dream of wanting to be an aeronautical engineer and flying planes. Chopra admitted winning the Miss World pageant at the age of 18 did make things awkward for her. 

DeGeneres certainly loved the actress' frank and casual style, and was quick to put it up on her Twitter post. 

We hardly think she'd complain about how her life has turned out.