I wish Padmavati was offered to me 5-6years ago: Shahid Kapoor

The Udta Punjab actor bares his heart to television journalists in an interactive, fun-filled session at the MAMI Film Mela.

Rajeev Masand, Shahid Kapoor, Anupama Chopra

Mayur Lookhar

Marriage ushers in a transformation in many ways in a man's life. While we've heard this countless times before, we saw a positive change in Shahid Kapoor recently. Kapoor turned up at the Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI) Film Mela in an avatar we've seldom seen before. 

Kapoor, who recently became a father, was part of a special interaction with television journalists Rajeev Masand and Anupama Chopra. Kapoor treated his fans, who he proudly calls ‘Shanatics’ to an hour that they will cherish for a long time.

Asked about how marriage and parenthood had changed his life and career,  Kapoor replied, "It has changed me as actor, but the change as person will perhaps reflect in my work in future." 

He went on to add: "I’m more centered, more focused now. I was living alone for more than 10 years, a master of my own will. So, initially it was a bit difficult, but then I started asking myself why wasn’t I able do all those things before? My priorities are now defined, earlier I always felt that I came back to an empty home. Even after I’d won the award for Haider, I came home, and posted a selfie going to sleep with my trophy. It’s just great to share your happiness. Sharing makes everything worth it." 

As seen from their public appearances, Kapoor has been snapped carrying his little one, Misha. From changing diapers to waking up at night to finding his t-shirts soaked in milk, Kapoor was at a loss for words trying to explain paternal bliss. He says, "You don’t want to leave them most of time. Words will fall short. It all gives you a lot of  strength. I want to fight for Misha, be there for her. I want her to be proud of me as a father."

Chopra threw a googly at Kapoor asking him whether he had reaffirmed faith in arranged marriages.

“I’ve had relationships with actresses. It’s nice to be with someone who is normal. The minute you’re a celebrity there are normal things that you can't do. I'd no idea what life is all about. I just felt that I needed someone who would pull me back to show the other world. I wanted to hold on to the 'normal' in life. With a celebrity, we both would have ended up living in a cocoon. I like the idea of people from different spaces engaging with each other," explained Kapoor. 

Speaking of normal things, the actor confessed that earlier he wouldn’t even be aware of basic things like the price of petrol. He said he missed going down for a walk at Juhu Beach, even though it's almost at his doorstep. But his wife Mira can, and the doting husband derives great pleasure seeing his wife go for her morning walk.

It's not just at home, but Mira is also shaping his career choices.

"Mira goes through most of my scripts. She is 13 years younger than me. At times, I may not like a character, but she would then shoot back saying, 'Are you insane'. This is how normal people talk, how can you not relate to it?  She brings a different, fresh perspective,” said Kapoor.

Through is 13-year-old career, Kapoor has seen more misses than hits. And the actor acknowledges it, “I’m not a big superstar. Actually, the actors who arrived 25 years ago have enjoyed superstar stardom. I don’t think the current generation has any actor who has managed to create an image for himself. We cannot take inspiration from the past. You can’t go forward by trying to look backward.”

Going ahead, Kapoor has set his sights on doing good, content-orientated films irrespective of the result.

“I want to explore work which is exciting, one that breaks norms. I’m not afraid to be thrown into spaces never experienced before. Today, only good films work. This didn’t happen 10 years ago. There was only Aamir Khan who was committed to doing good content. Earlier, I wanted to be successful, but now I want to enjoy the process. I don’t mind investing in something new, scary and I don’t want to know whether it will be successful or not,” said Kapoor.

The actor is set to be seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s period drama Padmavati. There have been rumours of trouble brewing between the two leads — Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor. The latter, though, chose to brush aside the needless controversy.

He said, "I haven’t even started shooting for it as I’m still on a paternity break. I find it completely absurd to read of stories which say 'oh there’s trouble because it is a two-actor story'. No one said that when I did Udta Punjab, which is not a two, but four-actor story. The people who are creating this material are taking it to an exciting, frivolous level.”

When quizzed as to whether he would have chosen this film 5-6 years ago, Kapoor replied, "Now I say why wasn’t this offered to me 5-6 years back? I’m happy to be with filmmakers of such caliber. I enjoyed Bajirao Mastani. It was just great to see an Indian film made of that scale and size and do well. I’m grateful to Bhansali for having offered me this film.”

The actor later obliged his 'Shanatics', giving them some great career advice. Most notably was how the youth should work on their body and acting/dance skills when they are not employed, for once you get a break into films, it gets difficult to find time for that.

Kapoor ended the session by dancing with a young couple, and then even got the seasoned Masand to shake a leg to 'Mauja hi Mauja' from his hit Jab We Met.