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Aamir Khan's Dangal trailer gets a thumbs up from the Phogats

Mahabir Phogat and Geeta Phogat were among the many fans who tweeted enthusiastically about Aamir Khan's film, Dangal, which is based on their own lives.

Shriram Iyengar

Aamir Khan's Dangal trailer is certainly receiving praise from all corners, but the actor himself would treasure praise from Mahabir Phogat as proof that his hardwork has paid off. The Dronacharya awardee, on whose life Aamir Khan's film is based, was among the many who tweeted praise for the movie. 

Tweeting from his own account, Phogat wrote ""Mahri chhoriya chhoro se kam hai k"
challenging gender stereotypes, awesome trailer.@aamir_khan @geeta_phogat  #DangalTrailer" 

He was not alone. His daughter, Geeta Phogat, one of the heroes of Nitesh Tiwari's film, tweeted another dialogue from the film "Gold toh Gold hota hai, Chora laave ya Chori @MahabirPhogat  @aamir_khan #DangalTrailer." 

Khan's transformation and the realistically shot trailer has earned rave reviews online. But this seems to be a real high point for an actor, who prides himself on making cinema which reflects life as closely as possible. To have the real life heroes fanboying for the film definitely spells good omen for Dangal. 

Dangal is set to release on 23 December 2016.