The hunt for Vidya Balan goes on television in new teaser for Kahaani 2

The promos for the film are aimed at establishing Vidya Balan's role as a criminal in Sujoy Ghosh's sequel. 

Shriram Iyengar

The makers of Kahaani 2 seem to have it in for Vidya Balan. The latest teaser promo for the film is a news report about the Balan's character being a killer in the film. 

The report suggest that Balan is an absconding convict accused of the charges of murder and kidnapping in the film. The report is accompanied by the teaser poster of Balan's look which was released yesterday. 

The strategy for the film's promotion, compelling as it is, is similar to the one used for the prequel. For Kahaani, Ghosh and his team had opted for repeated teasers to establish the character of Balan as a pregnant woman, only to spring a surprise in the film. This only makes fans curious if Ghosh is planning another surprise for this one. 

Kahaani 2 is directed by Ghosh and is set to release on 2 December 2016.