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Priyanka Chopra to speak Hindi in Quantico

The actress speaks about the Indian connection to her character in the American TV series. 

Keyur Seta

Priyanka Chopra is going through the best phase of her career right now. It is the American TV show Quantico that has had a large share in her success. The actress plays a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officer. This also makes her the first Indian artiste to make it this big in the international arena. 

The Bajirao Mastani actress is currently shooting the second season of the TV show in New York. But there is something more interesting to look forward to this season, going by her latest revelation. She is all set to speak Hindi on the show. This is a big surprise since she plays an American on the show. 

She shared this information during Anupama Chopra’s show Beneath The Surface. While speaking about the shoot of the current season, she informed that she is wearing a bracelet with the word ‘Om’ in it. She added, “We have run with the whole Indian thing. It’s great. I speak Hindi in one episode.” 

This wasn’t her idea though. “Well, it is the writers that are coming up with (these ideas). This (pointing to her bracelet) was my idea and we started from there,” she informed and later added, “I wanted something that would make Alex Indian but yet not scream.” The bracelet has now become a part of the show. “Now it’s a part of the story. It’s used in the story. It’s her identity,” she added. 

Chopra also went on to reveal that she contributes to the writing as well. “We have discussions in the writers’ room. They will ask my opinion on things. If I feel something, I tell them. If I come up with a crazy idea, I e-mail it to him (writer Joshua Safran). And they incorporate it. She has Indian-ness inherently. She speaks Hindi. She has a mandir wherever she goes. She has also the statues of Natraj and Shiv ji. I have one wherever I go. It’s in Alex’s room always,” she said.

There is a modern Indian thought process behind Chopra's suggestions for the character of Alex. “You are not dressed Indian at all but you are (Indian). So, I wanted Alex to be effortlessly Indian, which is what modern Indian people are today.”

Watch the interview: