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Ranbir: Anushka has bad English; Karan’s a frustrated 50-year-old virgin

The witty actor took some cheeky digs at his Ae Dil Hai Mushkil co-star and director.

Mayur Lookhar

He doesn’t display his humour much in public, but on the sets Ranbir Kapoor can be a real joker. A leading news broadcast network was privy to his banter when the actor shot for the 'Break Up' song from his upcoming film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

It started when director Karan Johar, who writes a blog for the network, decided to pick his actors' brains for some quirky answers for the television network.  

When Johar asked Kapoor the cliched question, “What are you playing in the film?” Kapoor  came up with a stunning, quirky reply, “I’m playing Karan Johar. It’s actually a biopic, It's about unrequited love. As you know him through his blogs, he is a frustrated 50-year-old virgin, so, I’m playing him.”

The sport that he is, Johar took it in his stride but not before reminding his actor that he is 44, and not 50. 

In another video titled 'Break Up' Banter, Anushka Sharma expressed her fear over the shoot being cancelled as it was ‘raining badly’. That does not spell music to the ears of Kapoor, who was quick to correct Sharma, “First of all, this is torrential weather, you don’t say it’s raining badly. You have bad English.”

Not one to take things lightly, the feisty Sharma retorted: "I went to government school. I don't know about you or your fancy education and all, but I can’t help it. I know what I know.”

Well, the tables turned soon, as the connoisseur of English was flummoxed by Johar. When quizzed by Johar to name three big words that he learnt recently, Kapoor thought hard but couldn’t recollect even one. The director then disclosed how Kapoor once said 'repartuee' when he meant to say repartee.

Repartee and repertoire both originated from the French language, and so Kapoor could be excused. However, the director went further and opened up another gaffe of Kapoor, who once got confused between profound and 'prophetic'. 

We must add that all this mockery of grammar was purely for the camera and in jest, but few pull it off like Kapoor. 

Click here to watch the banter of Johar, Sharma and Kapoor.