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Fuddu review: Earnest, but bland attempt at an interesting subject 

Director Sunil Subramani picks an interesting topic but fails in executing it.

Suparna Thombare

Film: Fuddu
Rating: 2/5

Fuddu explores the turmoils of Mohan (Shubham), a new immigrant to Mumbai from Benaras, who finds the cramped spaces and public display of affection in the city appalling. He is forced to move into a one-room kitchen home with his two brothers, their wives and children after he gets a job in the city.

Even before he can adjust to his new surroundings, Mohan gets into a 'chat mangni pat shaadi' scenario and finds himself with a wife. But Mohan is too conscious and shy to have sex with his brothers and their wives sleeping just a curtain away.

With 15 days of no action, the new bride wonders why her husband won't make any moves. One complaint to her mom and her daddy takes her away.

Scenes preceding his wedding make it clear that this boy is shy, perhaps a virgin and incapable of PDA. What is unfortunate to see is the family cursing him 'khandan ki naak kata di' by being a namard (impotent). Come on guys, ask him what his problem is before jumping to conclusions! Perhaps it's reflective of our society where sexual prowess equals manhood, and men are always expected to make the first move in bed.

While the concept is novel and the subject is relevant for many who may find themselves in this situation, the execution is a tad boring and the narration unevenly paced.

And what was up with that office Mohan worked in? His immediate boss takes him to a hooker on the first day at work, all the employees get together to ask how him how his suhaag raat went and a few days later they taunt him for low sexual prowess. What kind of an office is this? It is the most contrived part of this tale and sticks out like a sore thumb.

Shubham plays Mohan with earnestness and deftness. You buy into his turmoil and root for him. Shubham is a good talent that we would like to see reprise different characters in the future. The rest of cast does a decent job.

The music by Rana Mazumder and Sumeet Bellary is decent. Director Sunil Subramani picks an interesting subject, but fails in the execution. The screenplay is bland. It's a decent attempt that falls short of being amazing because of lack of emotionally stirring or entertaining moments like we saw in a recent film in a similar genre that touched us, Dum Laga Ke Haisha.

Cast: Shubham, Swati Kapoor

Producer: Mahima Productions

Director: Sunil Subramani

Runtime: 118 mins