Befikre dare game similar to French film Love Me If You Dare?

Both the films have the dare factor in common.

Mayur Lookhar

The recently released trailer of Befikre has brought back memories of long-forgotten 2005 film Neal 'n' Nikki, thanks to its carefree characters and bold content. However, there's another film Befikre bears an uncanny resemblance to and that is 2003 French film Love Me If You Dare, starring noted French actress Marion Cotillard and actor Guillaume Canet. The film was the first feature of director Yann Samuell. 

While Samuell's film is centered around a couple and a tin of dare, Befikre's trailer reveals how the love story between Shaira (Vaani Kapoor) and Dharam (Ranveer Singh) develops through outracious dares. Director Aditya Chopra released the trailer at Eiffel Tower in Paris and the film has been set and shot in the city. 

In Love Me If You Dare, whoever is handed the tin fulfills the dare of the other person. Julien (Canet) and Sophie (Cotillard) begin their dare game as schoolchildren, carrying on with the game until adulthood when the dares get riskier and the stakes higher. 

In the Befikre trailer, Shaira dares Dharam to slap a policeman to agree on going out on a date with him. In another instance, Dharam dares Shaira to kiss him in the car. Though not clearly, the non-commital couple is seen getting into trouble for their antics which could well be dares. The film's tagline is 'dare to love'.

We'll have to wait and watch if there are more similarities to tumble out of Befikre's basket of love. Befikre releases on 9 December 2016.