Shah Rukh Khan's joke on The Ring's first look is 'just cold'  

The superstar released a mysterious image of himself and Anushka Sharma covered in hoodie masks on the sets of Imtiaz Ali's The Ring. 

Shriram Iyengar

Shah Rukh Khan is a born wit. The man just can't keep out of jokes, even when he is working with a serious director like Imtiaz Ali. The actor tweeted an image of himself and Anushka Sharma covered in hoodies on the sets of Ali's film, and called it the first look of the film. 

Khan wrote on the image: ‘First Look’ of Imtiaz Ali’s film, allegedly called The Ring. Not a horror film nor a love story…it’s a Ninja epic!' 

Ninjas and Khan are two words you thought you'd never hear in one sentence. That should have been a clue for fans trying to build a frenzy on social media. Khan did tweet a confirmation that it was a joke saying 'The last tweet about the film is a joke. Clarifying for those who don’t get my drift & end up distorting stuff. It’s just cold in Budapest!' 

So much for us hoping that king Khan might go ninja on screen. Maybe there's a storyline in there for some ambitious scriptwriter.