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Varun Dhawan slams Twitter user for claiming he saw actor in car crash

It was not Dhawan but a member of his family who was involved in the accident.

Keyur Seta

Varun Dhawan made headlines for the wrong reasons, apparently. A Twitter user claimed the actor’s car rammed into another vehicle and mocked the accident. But Dhawan rubbished the claim.

Twitter was abuzz last night when a user tweeted, “Just saw Varun Dhavan car dashed a Honda City at Juhu 10th road.” Twitterati started believing the Dishoom actor was in trouble. 

However, in a dramatic turn of events, Dhawan hit back at the Twitter user saying he wasn’t involved in the accident at all, only his car was, and he had only been there to help someone from his family. The actor also didn’t mince words as he asked the user to shut up. 

Dhawan tweeted, “@thelimuas you want to get famous by making up things. Now your claim to fame is that you got trolled by me #jackass.” He followed it up with another tweet saying, “For everyone asking everyone in my family is fine and no one is injured.thank you.” 

It seems the Twitter user later deleted his tweets and changed the settings of his profile owing to which only his followers can now view his timeline.