President Donald Trump: Hindi film stars react on Twitter

From Huma Qureshi and Sunny Leone to Ram Gopal Varma, the reactions to the US election results have been entertaining.

Our Correspondent

Donald Trump has won the US election and the world is reacting to the unexpected turn of events that led to the defeat of former senator Hillary Clinton. Our Hindi film celebrities are no different. While some were surprised, others couldn't help make jokes, while still others were excited about president Donald Trump.

Sunny Leone was stunned by the sheer size of the victory.

Richa Chadha didn't want to wake up to reality.

We didn't quite get if Karan Johar was mocking or applauding Trump's victory.

Ram Gopal Varma went on a rant posting multiple tweets, not only in support of Trump, but also making cheap remarks about the Obamas and drooling over the new first lady.