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Bollywood lifehacks on how to deal with newly obsolete pile of cash

The recent ban on Rs500 and Rs1000 notes seem to have triggered a panic across the country. If only people listened to what Hindi films have been saying for a long time, they would not have to worry so much.

The Cinestaan Team

Prime minister Narendra Modi's announcement of putting current notes of high denominations like the Rs500 and Rs1000 out of circulation seems to have brought about a panic among the public. While many people are flocking to petrol pumps and medical stores to try and get their hands on some Rs100 notes, others are worried about the hard cash lying at home. The film industry though seems to have had the jump. 

If you are a true blue Hindi film fan, you can keep calm and use your money in these awesomely creative ways. 

1.  Use your cheque book the next time you hit a dance bar


2. Use leftover notes as monopoly money.  

3. Give the Rs1000 notes back to your boss and say... 

4. If all else fails, take your black money to the raddhiwala and exchange it for some coins! 

5. If there's nothing else to do, just take a power shower and up your cool-th. 

Or do as Ayusshmann Khurana says in Bewakoofiyan, "Paise nahin hain to kya hua? Pyaar to hai unlimited." Word!