RGV's Nuclear poster inspired by PlayStation ad?

Filmmaker gets 'blasted' on social media for alleged plagiarism.

Mayur Lookhar

It's impossible for a Hindi film poster not to be scrutinized. Netizens with keen eyes are quick to dissect a film poster, especially if it bears a resemblance to something popular. Ram Gopal Varma had yesterday revealed the poster of his ambitious Rs340 crore project Nuclear.

Most readers were initially hooked by the purported production cost, though the poster did not indicate any high production value. However, a day later, it has emerged that this poster may actually be inspired by the PlayStation 3 advertisement.

Pointing this out was one keen Twitter user. 

If one zooms into the two posters then one will find the same pattern – similar to a clown's face – created by the cloud of smoke. Varma’s Nuclear poster has other elements of its own. However, the ‘smoking clown’ comparison will not amuse the filmmaker.

Perhaps it would be unfair to pin the blame on RGV, as the filmmaker is known, as the architects of this poster are two individuals, Bhanu Avirineni and Ani Chandrakanth. RGV had credited them with creating the Nuclear designs.

Well, after the netizen exposed the Nuclear poster and PlayStation ad similarity, we wonder whether these two men would be proud of their work.

Nuclear is a fictional film that will centre on political events leading to India, Pakistan and America beating a common enemy – perhaps the terrorists.