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Dear Zindagi take 3: Why does Alia Bhatt hate romantic couples?

SRK-Alia indulge in some casual lyrical conversation using a hammer as mic, and Alia gets furious in the latest teaser.

Mayur Lookhar

So, as expected Gauri Shinde and the makers of Dear Zindagi have unveiled the third teaser, rather 'take 3' (as they’ve labelled it). And this one is filled with both romantic lyrical conversation and anger as we see Alia Bhatt's character turn into an angry bird. 

Well, it begins with Kaira in a musical mood, humming a melody, and then she turns a casual conversation into a lyrical one with words likes “Jiske liye dil machal raha hai, tu hi hai (You are the one that this heart beats for). 

Jahangir Khan (SRK), too, replies in a lyrical tone, with the duo then using a hammer as a mic.  

One may think that this minute and half ‘take 3’ might full be of romantic lyrical conversation, but the latter half of the trailer has Kaira fuming and venting out her frustration at a passing couple. This after the stranger (boy) accidently bumps into Kaira.  While the boy is quick to apologise Kaira’s jibe will stun you, “Kya tum pyaar main itne andhe ho gaye ho? (Have you gone blind in love?)"

Its clear that Kaira is more miffed at the sight of a couple than being accidentally hit by the stranger. We wonder why Alia's character Kaira hates romantic couples so much!

Surely, this Dear Zindagi take 3 is yet another teaser that has marvel written all over it, and it further boosts the curiousity levels around this film.

The wait will end on 25 November this year. For now, enjoy the pure joy of Dear Zindagi take 3.