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10 times Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt slayed Koffee With Karan's first episode

The first episode of season 5 of Koffee With Karan had the biggest surprise with Alia Bhatt beating Shah Rukh Khan in a GK quiz. Here is a look at the best things about Koffee With Karan's first episode this season. 

Shriram Iyengar

If ever there was a mismatch, it would be Shah Rukh Khan versus Alia Bhatt. Though both are artistes of great talent, Bhatt does not match up to the wit of Khan when it comes to rapid-fires. Yet, the actress pulled one back on the first episode of season 5 of Koffee With Karan by winning the general knowledge quiz! Quite the achievement, considering the last time Bhatt bottled up the question for 'Who is the President of India' leading to a whole new line of memes on the internet. Here are five things that definitely made the show. Not surprisingly, most of them came from Shah Rukh Khan. 

1. On Alia Bhatt's dating life
An issue that seemed to be of pressing concern to Karan Johar, the actress's dating life popped up in every third question. To Bhatt's credit, she dodged the questions with flair, saying, "I could have had 3-4 boyfriends, but not at one point." At one point she even dropped the chance of dating Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh to opt for a pizza. “I have not dated anyone. Nor Sid [Sidharth Malhotra], Varun [Dhawan] or Arjun [Kapoor]. Why should I be in a relationship? I am taking a break from it," she said. Embarrassed though he was, Khan certainly upped it by saying Alia Bhatt is dating everyone. "For me this is really, really shocking... I will be very disappointed if there are 3 or 4," he said. Well, well! 

2. The neurotic dad
Adorable and charming though Khan is, he is also deadly. Karan Johar let in the audience, and Alia Bhatt, on the secret that the star secretly tracks his children's whereabouts on social media. In fact, when Khan was asked what he would do if a boy kissed his daughter, his chilling reply was, "I will rip his lips off." Hello Hannibal Lecter! 

3. The Karan Johar-Shah Rukh Khan relationship is still going strong
A running theme of the show was Johar calling Khan 'Bhai' again and again. "Just release the pictures of us kissing together," retorted SRK, as Shah Rukh Khan is popularly known, when asked about rumours of a fight between him and Johar. Although it might have slipped through in all the fun and games, it is certain that Khan is now the senior counsellor in the relationship. That does not stop him from having embarrassing moments. As Johar let on, the star is shy to ask for things from people at stores. Hence, the director often takes his star shopping, and helps him find the right apparel. Something that Khan termed 'his life's embarrassment'. 

4. Bhatt needs to do bad movies
Though Bhatt is a good actress, according to Shah Rukh Khan she needs to learn to do bad movies. He said, "Alia is too good too soon. I don't want her to get trapped just doing great acting without experiencing everything in Indian cinema. If you become too good too soon, you may have inhibitions being bad at times. It's really wonderful to be bad at times." He should know a thing or two about being bad! 

5. Alia plays Shah Rukh Khan, and Khan played Arnab Goswami 
The best part of the show was perhaps the imitation of Shah Rukh Khan that Alia Bhatt pulled off. Asked to answer questions like her senior co-star, she certainly pulled off the cocky, impish attitude it required. Shah Rukh Khan, meanwhile, had to imitate the impossibly original Arnab Goswami. "Don't make him famous," retorted the star before going on to read out 'Mary had a little lamb' like Goswami's prime time news report.

6. SRK can make up words – and make them stick
If Shah Rukh Khan coins a new word, trust it to stick. The star came up with one to define the unshackled state of the new generation, calling it 'demotional'. He said, "Youth has a gift of detachment. It was thus really nice to work with her honestly. They are just doing it, having fun. You get in that zone as performing artistes, it’s wonderful, detached but emotional – demotional." The word certainly stuck with Alia Bhatt.

7. Alia Bhatt is smart 
Although it was SRK who walked away with the hamper, Bhatt certainly pulled one back with the pop quiz. She did not trip anywhere, leaving the senior actor floundering with a three-point lead. However, it was Khan's wit that kept the competition going. At one point, asked to complete the name of the designer 'Tom', he answered, 'Cruise?' To be fair, Tom Cruise is a fashion icon. 

8. Alia Bhatt is also quite secure 
The actress does not seem perturbed by the competition among other actresses in her league. She did say she would be disappointed at not winning an award, but also promised that she would get over it soon. Khan had coined the word 'demotional' to describe the new generation's emotional but detached outlook. "I am demotional," Bhatt quipped. 

9. Bunny hopping is the new in-thing
The generation gap between Bhatt and Khan was most apparent when it came to the topic of bunny hopping. The actress almost went about explaining the exercise to Khan in a patronising tone. Apaprently, Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt take up this exercise together and have fun doing it. It's all right, Shah Rukh, it's a different world now. 

10. Shah Rukh Khan is always 'daddy dearest'
The actor dedicated his fourth win, in the fifth season, to daughter Suhana. "She has been bingeing on Koffee With Karan episodes these days," he confessed. You might take the superstar out of the father, but you will never take the father out of this superstar.