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Ranbir Kapoor picks Katrina Kaif over Deepika Padukone

The Ae Dil Hai Mushkil star also confessed that he prefers flirting in person rather than sexting and labelled a few journalists as creepy crawly.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Mayur Lookhar

After the feisty disclosures by Kangana Ranaut, it was the turn of Ranbir Kapoor to get candid with Neha Dhupia on her podcast No Filter Neha.

There was no filtering when Kapoor made certain candid confessions. Principal among them was admitting to having a casanova image.

“Just because I was close to two actresses [Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif] and the fact that I did this film Bachna Ae Haseeno. So, people have this perception that I’m a playboy, a serial date. Some of it is partly true, but mostly untrue,” Kapoor told Dhupia.

Interestingly, during a rapid-fire game, when asked to choose between Padukone and Kaif, the Rockstar (2011) actor picked the latter.

Kapoor, who isn’t fond of social media, also disclosed that he does not believe in sexting. "I’m not good at sexting. To me, sexting is all brainwashing, I believe in the real deal, flirting, meeting people in person, is all that matters to me. Sexting gets to the vulgar side,” he said.

Dhupia remarked that despite not being on social media, the actor keeps tabs on certain people. Kapoor responded, “I’ve been a ghost on Instagram since it was out. To me, social media is a lot of brainwashing,  people creating an image of themselves.”

Kapoor, who has done a visual arts course from the famous Lee Strasberg theatre and film institute, made some candid confessions about those days. “While rehearsing, I always looked forward to getting the romantic scene, a kiss with a hot chick which [sic] had great romantic body language,” he said.

Asked whether these rehearsals stretched beyond the corridors of the institute, Kapoor cheekily said, “You didn’t mind whether the rehearsals extended to your house or your partner’s house. You don't kiss and tell. As an actor, you have to improvise, be naked and let your instincts take you over.”

The actor, who went nude for the famous towel scene in his maiden film Saawariya (2007), does not, however, believe in frontal nudity by men. He believes such nudity is not cinematic but violent.

Kapoor is usually media savvy, but this year he has been unhappy with the media over numerous juicy gossip tales, most notably his rumoured affair with a Delhi girl named Bharti Malhotra.

“Some journalists are very creepy crawly and very irresponsible in their reports," he said. "I remember being linked to one Delhi girl, Bharti Malhotra. I’d never heard of her, never met her, and yet I was linked with her. Some journalists even interviewed her, where she said that she’s not even a fan of me. Unlike the media, I don’t have a platform to express myself,” he fumed.

Kapoor has certainly bared his heart to Dhupia, but we wonder what Padukone feels about her former boyfriend picking his other ex-girlfriend over her.