Kunal Kapoor: Can't think of one reason why I wouldn't do Veeram

Right before the screening of Veeram Macbeth at IFFI 2016, Kunal Kapoor spoke to about the many firsts that he enjoyed with the film.

Suparna Thombare

Malayalam director Jayaraj's film Veeram Macbeth was screened at IFFI, Goa, last night and actor Kunal Kapoor, who plays the titular role, spoke about the most challenging part of working in the historical epic, apart from learning the ancient martial art kalaripayattu.

IFFI 2016 pictures: Dapper Kunal Kapoor makes presence felt at Veeram screening in Goa

"The language is very difficult," Kapoor said. "Now that I have done Malayalam I think I can do a film in any language. It's really difficult. It was a big challenge for me. What was also challenging for all of us as actors, though Sir [Jayaraj] made it simple, was that when you are acting in three languages it's not only the language that changes but a little bit of the style of acting also. It's subtle tough. How you say something in Hindi is different from how you would in Malayalam or in English."

Kunal Kapoor at a film promotion event. Photo: Shutterbugs Images

When asked the super-choosy Rang De Basanti (2006) actor, who is being seen on screen after a long time in Dear Zindagi and Veeram Macbeth, what made him give a nod to Jayaraj's magnum opus, he said, "This word 'picky' is thrown at me pretty often. I think if picky means that you are going to wait for the work that you enjoy or wait to work with people who are passionate about their work, then yes, I am picky.

"Recently, I was working with a director, he said I enjoy working with you and I am looking forward to working with you because you have been around for many years, but I haven't seen enough of you and I feel that there is a lot I can do with you," he said.

"As far as this film goes, it had absolutely everything going in its favour. Firstly, the chance to work with Jayaraj Sir; secondly, the scale [producer] Chandramohan was mounting it at; thirdly, the technicians that are involved; fourthly, the part I was playing."

Kapoor said Veeram was also a film that gave him a lot of firsts. "It's the first time I play an anti-hero. It's my first action film. Also, the first time I am getting to do a period piece. Also, the first time I am doing a film in three languages at once. I can't think of one reason I wouldn't do the film!"