‘Kaul Lavto’ is a deeply haunting song from Kaul – A Calling

The track fully complements the unconventional nature of the film. 

Keyur Seta

Director Aadish Keluskar’s Marathi movie, Kaul – A Calling released recently. The film is the most unconventional saga you might experience in Indian cinema. In fact, it takes unconventionalism to another level. 

The makers recently released the theme song in a promotional video with the film's visuals called ‘Kaul Lavto.’ The parts where the protagonist is dancing aimlessly stand out, just like they did in the film. 

The track, overall, does complete justice to the genre of the film. It belongs as a part of the film, even though there is no place in the film to fit it. Maybe it could have been played in the background during the end credits. 

Mahesh Keluskar’s lyrics are fully philosophical and poetic. As per the film, the lines are very unconventional and not even near something you would regularly hear. Gaurang Soni’s music and Ganesh Chandanshive’s voice complement the earnest track. 

Watch the song: