Shah Rukh Khan goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable, says Alia Bhatt

Tha actress said she realised that they both share a similar thought process, while shooting for their upcoming film Dear Zindagi.


Alia Bhatt, whose Dear Zindagi is all set to hit the screen on November 23, says that after working with Shah Rukh Khan, she realised that they both share a similar thought process.

At the promotional interactions on Thursday for her upcoming release, asked about her personal equation with Khan, said: "I got to know Shah Rukh as a person during the shooting. Before this, I hardly spent time with him. We met socially sometimes, but only after spending time with him, I realised that our thought process is quite similar."

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"Shooting with Shah Rukh Khan is a big deal, especially for me, as I have been in industry for just 4 years, so I was bit nervous. But he is a very warm person. He goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable. And he exactly did that. So after, half day of shooting I was feeling quite relaxed," she added.

Bhatt, who is always known for her poor jokes and her 'not so great' general knowledge, feels that flaws should not be hidden away, but celebrated. "Flaws have to be there. We have come up with something like 'Flawsome'. It's like, to have flaws is awesome. If you have flaws, do not hide. Like I have a flaw of speaking too fast, but I celebrate it instead of hiding away from it. So everyone has some flaws, but it's not bad as flaws are also necessary," she said.

The actress who has portrayed a wide range of roles within a short span of four years admits that Dear Zindagi is a very different film and admires her director Gauri Shinde for it. "The film is genuinely different. People have not seen or experienced this kind of story before. It's a story about life and people would definitely take something with them after watching this film," she said.


Praising Shinde, Bhatt said: "I loved working with her and would love to work with her again. Her thinking is very precise and concepts are very clear. No fakeness at all and a very real, clear person. I feel Gauri is a very unique voice of our film industry."