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Befikre song's making-of video has more Aditya Chopra than you have seen in a year

The reclusive director makes a blink-and-miss appearance, along with his voice, in the video on the making of 'You And Me'.

Shriram Iyengar

Aditya Chopra is, perhaps, the last of the reclusive directors. In an age where many directors are almost as constant a public presence as their stars, Chopra adamantly avoids the media. It is difficult to even get a recent photograph of the director. However, the filmmaker makes a rare, though fleeting, appearance in the making-of video of Befikre's 'You And Me' track. 

Filmed around the antics of Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor, the making-of video is a load of fun. Yet, the showstopper, to use a cliche, is the presence of Aditya Chopra. At one point, the director walks in on a casually seated Ranveer Singh, telling him, "I like your body in any position, just take." If that is not enough, the director makes another blink-and-miss appearance towards the end of the video. You can spot him patting his director of photography, as a signal to wheel the camera forward. 

While the song's making is just as much fun as the song itself, it is this fleeting sight of Aditya Chopra that might prove to be the highlight of the video. In fact, even this fleeting appearance of Chopra is more than the public has seen of him in an entire year. 

Maybe it is a sign that the director is growing more confident, and might just step out of the shadows.

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