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Hrithik-Kangana battle ends with a whimper, police file NIL report 

One of the most bitter public battles in the Hindi film industry ended on an anti-climactic note when the Mumbai police filed an NIL report after failing to track down conclusive evidence for the case. 

Shriram Iyengar

The biggest and most bitter public feud of the year has winded down to quite an anti climax. The battle between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut has been settled after the Mumbai police filed an NIL report with regards to the scandal. 

The whole hullaballoo began when Ranaut referred to Roshan as a 'silly ex' in a comment to the media. This kicked off a very bitter, mud slinging match between the two, with both parties accusing each other of obsession. The controversy hit new heights when Roshan sent the Queen star a legal notice demanding apology for claiming that they were in a relationship. The ensuing legal battle over 'emails' was investigated by the Mumbai police and its cyber team. 

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According to a recent report in Mumbai Mirror, the police have now filed a NIL report bringing the whole episode to an end. The police's cyber team have been unable to draw a conclusion over whether the 'romantic' and personal emails sent to Ranaut were the handiwork of Roshan, or an impostor as Roshan's team claimed. Considering that the emails were the only piece of evidence, and the main bone of contention in the whole controversy, this might be conclusive to the case. 

Sanjay Saxena, Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch, said, "We have been unable to find anything on the mail ID as the server is located in the US. Now it is very difficult to ascertain who was using the account. Still, we will try to conclude [the case] from the available evidence." 

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A senior police officer has been quoted saying, "It's a dead end. Only data from the server based in the US could have helped us in identifying the user of the email account." 

Understandably, Ranaut's team considers this a moral victory. Ranaut's legal counsel, Rizwan Siddiquee was quoted as, "We are not surprised to learn that the police have, after a thorough investigation, filed a NIL report, which means that they could not trace any imposter as was claimed by Hrithik Roshan... Kangana has always been maintaining that there was no imposter ever." He concluded, "No one can deny the fact that Kangana had to uselessly bear the brunt of unwarranted and uncalled for actions on the part of Hrithik Roshan." 

So far, there has been no reply from Roshan's representatives. 

2016 might be a year to forget for Hrithik Roshan. He desperately needs something to go right. Hopefully, Kaabil does the job for him.