Dear Zindagi Take 4 leaves you wanting to break free

The latest teaser from Gauri Shinde's little film has Shah Rukh Khan giving us the lowdown on the need to express hate in order to feel love.

Shriram Iyengar

The teasers for Gauri Shinde's Dear Zindagi have been a breath of fresh air. While the previous ones focussed on finding joy, and freedom, the latest Take 4 takes a turn to the dark side focussing on the need to express anger and sadness. 

Shah Rukh Khan is pitch perfect as the mentor trying to explain why it is just as important to express anger, and sadness, as it is to express love. After all, as he says in the teaser, "You didn't allow her to express anger, sadness, hate openly. How will she express love?" 

The teaser also stands out for Alia Bhatt's vulnerability. As the lonely girl surrounded by people, Bhatt serves a reminder that this film is more than just joy and positivity. This teaser casts a very different light on Bhatt, who has so far been portrayed as the happy, cheerful young woman. 

Knowing that this is the last teaser promo of the film only increases the excitement and curiosity for the trailer. 

Dear Zindagi is directed by Shinde, and is expected to release on 25 November.