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Alia Bhatt gives great gyaan on life, success, love and more

From making the right decisions to how to keep the mind calm, the Dear Zindagi actress offers a series of life advice.

Mayur Lookhar

Poor Alia Bhatt has often been the subject of trolls, which mock at her IQ level. Bhatt though is a level-headed girl, especially for her young age. She’s made rapid strides as an actress. Doing a Dear Zindagi sure makes her apt to offer some life advice.

It would be wrong to term them as mere promotions but Alia Bhatt got down to fielding a series of questions from fans. Each varying in its context. The young actress though answered them with aplomb. 

Here’s what Bhatt had to say when asked how to keep the mind focussed?

Do what we like. Right said Alia! Shouldn’t that be mantra for us all?

Here’s Bhatt telling why having a bad mood is not bad at all.

A fan bemoaned how Bhatt never replied to his queries on Twitter. The wait just ended. 

Below, the successful actress answers the most pertinnent question. How to make the right decisions in life?

And if you are bogged by problems, then running away from them is certainly no solution.

Here’s an advice on how to kill negativity.

Meanwhile, here’s a perfect answer to a romantic proposal?

Well, perhaps the only question that the actress couldn’t answer was how to handle over smart people?

These were just some of the many queries that Bhatt answered. Readers can tune into all of them on Bhatt’s Twitter account. 

Dear Zindagi is set to release on 25 November. 2016.