The 'blue-eyed chaiwalla' is back in news, this time SRK is with him

Shah Rukh Khan replied to a tweet where the blue-eyed boy of social media compared himself to Shah Rukh Khan, calling it 'sweet'.

Shriram Iyengar

Some people are born to be famous. Others just have it handed over to them. Arshad Khan, the blue-eyed tea maker turned model from Pakistan, has just got a compliment from the biggest star around, Shah Rukh Khan. 

It began when a fan of SRK tweeted Arshad Khan's recent interview, where he compared himself to Shah Rukh Khan. Arshad Khan rose to fame with images of his handsome visage going viral on Twitter and Instagram. In one of his interviews, on being asked who he resembled, the young man replied 'Shah Rukh Khan.' Well, it certainly got the attention of SRK fans on Twitter going. 

The unexpected surprise was to have King Khan reply to a tweet himself, and compliment the young man. SRK wrote, "How sweet is this. Beauty lies in simplicity." 

Shah Rukh Khan should know. An unconventional hero, he crafted a long and illustrious career on being different from his peers. Even as he releases Samar Khan's 25Years of a Life: SRK based on his own life, the actor remains as simple as any other you come across. 

Maybe Arshad Khan can take a few tips on handling fame from Shah Rukh himself.