Sonakshi was a foodie; then she met John Abraham

The actress credits her Force 2 co-star with helping her to cut back on unhealthy eating habits.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Mayur Lookhar

The trailer has received positive response and John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha and Tahir Raj Bhasin were out to spread the good word on Force 2 which is scheduled to be released on 18 November. Force 2 has a new director in Abhinay Deo and a new story with Sinha and Bhasin joining the central figure of ACP Yashwardhan (John).

Much of the stuff around the film was not revealed during the trailer launch. The trio, though, did shed some light on important things yesterday. 

As opposed to the first film in the Force franchise, this is a spy thriller with John claiming that the film is inspired by true stories of Indian soldiers and RAW (Research and Analysis Wing, India's external intelligence agency) agents.

John had produced a spy film before, Madras Cafe (2013), in which he himself played a secret agent. Back then, John had told this reporter that real spies don’t jump over walls or get involved in fancy car chases.

Three years on, the muscular actor finds himself doing exactly that: jumping over walls and getting involved in fancy car chases. So when it comes to Hindi cinema, is it just Bond-like action sequences which sell a spy film?

“Madras Cafe taught me that you have to do research to make a film," John explained. "I think Force 2 is the best answer to that. We have made a commercial film, but I've used all the research that we could. Force 2 is a very credible film. If it were just jumping over walls, then I would have done a typical commercial film, but because I’ve also co-produced this I had to be very careful and make sure we get our facts right here. As an actor there are lots of films that we do, I can do Welcome Back and Housefull 2, but as producer you have to be very sure about getting your facts right. I can confidently say that with Force 2 we have got our facts right.”

Force 2 has an intriguing catchline: 'a dead soldier is a martyr, a dead spy is a traitor.’ Looking at the trailer, one suspects Bhasin’s character to be the dead spy. Expectedly, the young actor chose to keep the mystery under wraps.

Bhasin, who made his debut with Mardaani (2014), said, "In Mardaani, I played a dark dark character who was confined to a room. Here [in Force 2] he is a lighter character, more fun, got a more dynamic relationship with both protagonists. He has sarcasm to him too. What attracted me to the film was that we have many action films but here we have a tangible emotional storyline which binds the three protagonists.” 

Bhasin also confessed to taking inspiration from international spy thrillers. “I have grown up watching spy thrillers like Mission Impossible, or the Bourne series. Every boy aspires to be part of a spy thriller. It’s a dream come true,” he said.

There wasn’t much for Sonakshi Sinha to add about the film, but she did credit John Abraham for helping her to cut back on her unhealthy eating habits.

“I used to be a complete foodie before taking up this film," she said. "I used to eat everything. [But] John is such a disciplined person. He is very particular about his fitness, his diet. All the fitness advice that I got was because of him.”

There is a story doing the rounds about Sinha nicking John's Snickers (a brand of chocolate). Talking about it, the actress said, "I didn’t know John Abraham before this film. So, I didn’t know how particular he was about his food. I walked into his room. He was sitting very casually and by mistake I picked up a Snickers and ate it in front of him. Till date, I get to hear about this from him!”

Since then, John Abraham has nicknamed the actress Snickers. Sonakshi Snickers! Delicious, umm?