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Dear Zindagi's 'Just Go To Hell Dil' is a cry from Alia Bhatt's heart

 Heartbreaks, anger, renewed hope, Bhatt goes through a gamut of emotions in new Dear Zindagi track. 

Mayur Lookhar

There are some tracks which may not be great poetry, nor great lyrics, but they are relatable in nature. After all, has there been any one who hasn't endured a heart break and the subsequent despair? In the end though you find solace in a new awakening. That’s exactly what you get to see in the ‘Just Go To Hell Dil’ track from Dear Zindagi as Kaira (Alia Bhatt) experiences the pain of many heart breaks, the anger and frustration, but eventually she rediscovers herself in the company of Jehangir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan).

'Just Go To hell Dil' is a cry from the heart that will resonate with most people. Lyricist Kausar Munir seems to have poured her heart into the song, which isn’t poetry but a true reflection of Kaira’s state of mind. Anger is the mood of the song. Sunidhi Chauhan certainly seems to have got the sombre part right, but is not exactly convincing while crooning the angst part. Those with keen ears will not really warm up to Chauhan’s crooning of the line ‘Just Go To Hell Dil’ line.  

Munir’s lyrics are backed by Amit Trivedi’s soft rock composition, which is in sync with the various moods of Kaira. The violin tune in the beginning is reminiscent of the theme from the Academy award winning animated film Brave. Despite this similarity, the music begins on a sombre note but is taken to a crescendo by the time the track is over. 

The song does have its cons, but overall, 'Just Go To Hell Dil' will surely strike a chord with broken hearts. If you’re nursing one, then tune into the song below.