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Ram Gopal Varma decides to blow his ‘Trump’et

Maverick filmmaker posts sarcastic tweets on American Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

Mayur Lookhar

Ram Gopal Varma

One would have expected him to talk about his latest release, but with Veerappan failing to appease audiences, Ram Gopal Varma has taken to social media to indulge in some banter. And this time he has gone global, sharing his thoughts on the Republican Party's presidential candidate in the United States, Donald Trump.

Ram Gopal Varma posted a series of tweets, expressing his thoughts on the Repbublican front-runner for the presidency.


Yes, it may be hard to make sense of these tweets, but it appears that these are a sarcastic dig at Trump. Varma, also known as RGV, did not stop here and kept the paradoxes coming in the following tweets.


His final tweet on Trump had Ram Gopal Varma bring up outgoing president Barack Obama.

All of RGV's Trump tweets have failed to attracted attention from the Republican candidate so far, but the filmmaker ended his night retweeting fellow Twitter commentator Kamaal Rashid Khan.

The filmmaker certainly was amused with KRK’s tweet, but his follow-up comment left us wondering if he wasn't trying to take another little dig at Shah Rukh Khan. But who's complaining? Keep those pearls coming, Mr Varma.