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Think internet trolls can get the better of Fardeen Khan? See his fitting response!

Fardeen speaks up against jabs at his weight gain by internet trolls.

Aishwarya Shridhar

After a recent picture of Fardeen Khan, showing his noticeable weight gain, went viral, trolls took to social media to comment on it. Whether it was distasteful comments, or one liners and jokes, it certainly revealed a disturbing trend. The issue of body image and body shaming has been going on for long, with the focus usually on female actresses. However, clearly, men are also victims of this abuse and humiliation.

But Fardeen Khan took it in his own hands to silence the hecklers once and for all. In a long and expressive Facebook post, he makes some insightful and powerful comments. While he reprimands the trolls who don't look at themselves, yet freely criticise others. He also urges others to speak up against such comments and be supportive.

Khan claims he is happier now than he has ever been, and that his weight is merely a reflection of that!

Although the actor has been off the radar for a while, and has not seen the level of success his father has, we can't help but admire him for his courage in speaking up! Not to mention, with the various struggles he has had with alleged drug use in the past and his father's death, it seems he has only emerged stronger. Keep it up, Fardeen!