Arijit Singh's 'public apology' to Salman Khan backfires

The singer now faces the full brunt of the superstar's and his fans' wrath as his letter goes all wrong on social media.

Shriram Iyengar

Arijit Singh just can't seem to get it right! After posting an 'open letter' of apology to Salman Khan yesterday, the singer faced serious backlash from the social media brigade and the actor's fans.

Even before the negative comments started pouring in, the singer deleted the post from his Facebook page. 

Even as the letter went viral on social media, Arijit Singh went silent. Meanwhile, Khan's representatives denied the actor's involvement in the removal of the song. News reports quoted them as saying, "We would not like to comment on the matter and we will not be releasing any official quote soon about the Facebook post as well. This is a non-issue!"

Whether Salman was really angry at Arijit Singh before is unknown, but the actor certainly won't be pleased with the way the singer seems to have gone about the issue. Singh might just have lost his credibility in the Sultan superstar's book with his 'apology'.