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Arijit Singh begs Salman Khan not to remove his song from Sultan

The Salman-Arijit battle spills over to Facebook, as the singer publishes an open letter of apology in a bid to clear misunderstanding.

Shriram Iyengar

He might enjoy the moniker of 'Bhaijaan', but the wrath of Salman Khan is deadly. The actor has reportedly been miffed with singer Arijit Singh for comments made at an award show a few years ago. Trying to clear the air, Arijit Singh took to Facebook and posted an open letter to the superstar. 

Singh's actions seemed to have irked Salman Khan enough to have the singer's song removed from the Sultan album. The tiff began in 2014, when Khan presented an award to Singh. During the presentation, the actor made a quip about Singh looking too sleepy. The singer replied in the same snarky tone, saying it was Khan's boring hosting that was putting him to sleep. That retort, apparently, did not go down well with the superstar. 

As soon as the post started to set social media on fire, the singer deleted it. But by then the damage had been done. The page had caught the attention of Salman Khan fans who took umbrage to the manner in which the singer had approached the issue. Arijit Singh quickly put up another post explaining his actions. 

In an interview with The Indian Express, the singer stated, "No. I got to know about this couple of hours ago from the studio. That’s why trying to save it with the last possible way. Have been trying to meet him about this as well. Well, he is really angry. But I hope things will be okay soon."

Salman Khan, on his part, has kept mum on the issue. If history is any indication, Arijit Singh will have to wait in the cold for a long, long time before his desire to sing for Salman Khan comes true. Remember what happened when Vivek Oberoi went public? This one is not that big a controversy though, so for Arijit Singh's sake we hope Salman Khan does come around.