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No marriage any time soon for Salman Khan and Iulia Vantur

50-year-old superstar gets defensive wedding talk

Aishwarya Shridhar

Love him or hate him, one can't stop talking about Salman Khan. The latest reason why he is occupying news space, apart from his upcoming release Sultan, is the speculations surrounding his impending marriage to Iulia Vantur, a prominent television personality from Romania.

It all began with Salman Khan attending Preity Zinta's wedding reception with Iulia by his side. This brought forth a range of gossip -- from her being his current love interest, to how she was spotted caring for Salman Khan’s mother, and even to the surprisingly specific prediction of dates for their wedding.

The media were abuzz with all sorts of juicy tidbits about the two. But recently, much to the disappointment of fans of this pairing, both denied all these rumours and announced that no marriage is impending.

Salman Khan himself was particularly defensive about the issue. In an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times, he said such rumours were harmful to the women involved, as it “gives hope to the woman” and then the “woman suffers” when it doesn’t happen.

Apparently, in Salman Khan’s view, a woman is stripped of dignity in such situations, making one wonder which century the superstar lives in. Many, including actresses like Tabu and Sushmita Sen have been outspoken about their lack of interest in marriage. And gone are the days when marriage was the only choice for a woman.

Salman Khan also wanted to clarify his own disinterest in marriage, and lamented the fact that he would be seen as "insensitive" for not wanting to get married. Well, his concern seems misplaced as he is certainly not doing something new, what with a number of celebrities in the industry who haven't tied the knot and don't have any plans to do so either.

On the other hand, Iulia Vantur was impressive with her classy and casual dismissal of the rumours. She shared a post on Instagram where she said she was “in no hurry to wear” her wedding dress.

Clearly, this lady thinks less is more, and her brevity makes her cool. She certainly does not seem like someone who is hoping for a ring any time soon, or someone who will suffer from Salman Khan's reluctance to commit. Maybe the marriage rumours were merely some wishful thinking on the superstar's part?