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Sushant Singh Rajput deletes Twitter account; to avoid questions on breakup?

The actor, who recently split with long-time girlfriend Ankita Lokhande, has dropped off the social-media radar

Suparna Thombare

Suparna Thombare

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput and long-time girlfriend Ankita Lokhande parted ways recently, and there has been tons of speculation since about what went wrong in the live-in couple's relationship. It appears as though all the controversy and constant attention to his personal life has finally led the actor to delete his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Both Rajput and Lokhande had been active on social media, often indulging in PDA and posting pictures with each other. 

After the break-up, stills of Rajput and his co-star Kriti Sanon from their film Raabta started doing the rounds of social media, leading people to speculate if his closeness to Sanon on the sets of the film had caused problems in his relationship. Other reports suggested that Ankita Lokhande's alleged alchoholism had created a rift.

Rajput had taken to Twitter recently to rubbish all such stories. “Neither she was an alcoholic nor I am a womaniser. People do Grow apart & its unfortunate . Period!!” he wrote on Twitter. 

At the Sarbjit premiere, when Ankita Lokhande was asked how she was handling the break-up, she said, "Do I look depressed? Not at all, in fact I am happy. Though this is not the right place to talk about my relationship status; but yes, we [Rajput and I] will definitely speak about it at the right time."

After making several attempts to clarify things, Rajput has gone off the radar to get some distance from social media as constant speculation and questions being raised by his fans and followers on the platforms had begun to distract him.

One reason is that he wants to focus on his work and keep unwanted attention at bay. But that is apparently not the only reason for the actor's disappearance. Like any regular person, Sushant Singh Rajput also wants to get away from all the pictures and social media interactions he has had with his ex-girlfriend over the years. After all, it was a six-year-long relationship!