Watch what Sonu Nigam has been upto

The eminent singer croons on the street in a beggar's avatar

Mayur Lookhar

He’s no longer the numero uno singer in Hindi cinema, and doesn’t have too many plum projects up his sleeves. However, none would have imagined that poor Sonu Nigam would have to take to the streets.

Relax, the acclaimed singer hasn’t gone broke but he’s making headlines for posting an intriguing video that has gone viral.

Nigam, as a social experiment, disguised himself as a poor, struggling singer playing the harmonium and singing on the street.

Sporting grey beard and a prosthetic nose Nigam sits under a tree in a bylane of Mumbai. Soon bystanders can’t take their eyes off this old man singing mellifluously. One of them gave him a few bucks and even asked whether he’s had any food. Strangely, no one was able to recognise the singer.

Later, Nigam says in the video that he was very touched by the gesture of the person who gave him Rs. 12. He has vowed to return the favour. The singer’s core idea was to experience the simple joys of life by living in the present, which most people lose sight of by thinking too much about the future.

We agree with Nigam and wonder whether other forlorn singers might resort to such creative videos. Nigam’s playback singing career has been on the decline, with his last notable work being in the 2014 film PK.