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How did Shahid Kapoor's wife Mira react to his Tommy avatar in Udta Punjab?

In an exclusive interview with Times of India, Shahid Kapoor reveals some adorable details about his first meeting with Mira

Our Correspondent

The Shahid Kapoor-Mira Rajput jodi has been one of the most unexpected ones yet, but they've taken to each other so well, they give us relationship goals. The couple are going to be parents soon, and Shahid had some juicy details to reveal about the circumstances of his first meeting with his wife. Here's what we discovered from his interview.

Apparently, when he met Mira he was sporting his 'Tommy' look, with long hair and quirky clothes. He was even unsure if she would marry him, but it seems she took a liking to the avatar! When he informed her that he is playing a character called Tommy, Mira quipped that Tommy is not the name of a man, it's the name of a dog. Clearly, his wife has a sense of humour! She went as far as to save his name as 'Tommy' on her phone, and to this day the name sticks. How cute is that?

Anyway, it seems like there's a chance the marriage may not have happened! Mira laid a very firm condition before their wedding, stating that he will sport his original hair colour and nothing else will do. Of course, Shahid, being the considerate beau that he is did comply with his wife's demand, but he does secretly wish he could have had red hair!

Well, the 'domesticated' Shahid Kapoor is also an avatar worth watching out for! With baby care apps installed on his phone and the appropriate pampering of his wife, it looks like he's all set to embark into fatherhood!