Censorship row: How Udta Punjab is leading to pun jabs

Celebrities add their puns to the raging controversy over the film's subject, title and run-in with the censor board.

Mayur Lookhar

The matter has become a national issue with even news channels debating the censor board's refusal to clear the Ekta Kapoor-Anurag Kashyap co-production Udta Punjab unless the makers make wholesale changes to the script and drop Punjab from the title.

The revising committee of the Central Board of Film Certification, the official name of the censor board, recommended that 'Punjab' be deleted from the film's title after politicians in the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal government in Punjab objected to the title. This was over and above the board asking the film's producers to make as many as 89 cuts.

The name-change recommendation led to a frenzy on social media with most netizens slamming the censors. The initial anger soon gave way to banter with many netizens, including celebrities, throwing puns at the board. We bring you a collection of some of the quirkier ones doing the rounds.

His films are anything but funny, but Shirish Kunder's comment on the Udta Punjab controversy is bound to leave you in splits.

Like Kunder, Ram Gopal Varma is an expert commentator on Twitter. Don't let this tweet fly off your head.

Amidst all the quirky wordplay, TV presenter Gaurav Kapur had this to add:

Meanwhile, veteran filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt chose to hit out at censor board chief Pahlaj Nihalani in his inimitable style:

Actor and stand-up comedian Vir Das used a bit of fill-in-the-blanks to convey his view.

Noted broadcast journalist Rajdeep Sardesai of India Today Television, too, didn't mince words in criticising the censor board.

Corporate guru Suhel Seth, who has also appeared in a film, was scathing in his attack on the censor board chief.

Amidst all the censor-bashing, Nihalani & Company can take heart from the fact that there is one man who hasn't blamed the board. Instead, enfant terrible Kamaal Rashid Khan has trained his guns on the Hindi film industry:

Until Udta Punjab's fate is decided, the punches will keep coming on social media. Let the puns flow.